Trans Day Of Remembrance

Posted by: Kim Windvogel 1 year ago


A day for the Genderqueer, our active allies, and those affected by the deaths of trans people to commemorate the lives of trans people who were murdered all around the world.

In the past 12 months 369 murders of Trans People were recorded.

Most of them were Queer Trans People Of Colour (QTPOC).

In 2017 the number of recorded murders stood at 325. 

The violence that Trans People face often intersect with other forms of oppression.

Of the deaths recorded 62% of the victims were sex workers. Race and socio-economic factors play a massive role in the danger of being a visible Trans Person in this day and age. 

As we start to explore how visibility is a positive thing for many of us trans and genderquuer bodies, let us not forget that visibility is a danger to many of our fellow gender queer family who may find themselves in intolerant communities and conservative blood ties.

On this Trans Day Of Remembrance let us remember the 369 people whose lives were prematurely taken away from them by intolerant and violent human beings. 

Let us say their names, let us continuously fight to make the world a better, happier, and accepting place to all gender diverse people - in political spaces, activist spaces, out in the streets, in the health care system and in our homes.

It is not enough to be spectators to the violence our Trans family experience. It is not enough to only remember them when it is too late, when another one of us has fallen victim to violent and insecure murderers.

We spent our evening commemorating and standing together as Trans individuals from all around Cape Town at SRJCZA's offices in Claremont.

A special mention to Sistazhood, SRJC and all who came out to pay rspects.

For more information visit the Trans Day Of Remembrance website.


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