Kim Windvogel

Kim Windvogel is a writer and activist constantly trying to understand life and how we can come up with innovative ways to be better as a society. Kim is a co-founder of FEMMEPROJECTS and has, along with her co-directors, worked with 4000 young womxn in disadvantaged schools across the Western Cape. Growing up in Cape Town to parents who hail from the Boland, Kim was always encouraged to think independently. The Arts is of vital importance to them and in 2010 they went on to study Western Classical Music at the University of Cape Town, ultimately graduating in 2013.

Gender and the dynamics thereof is one of Kim’s greatest interests - breaking taboos and stereotypes linked to gender and race is something that Kim fights for daily through their writing. They graduated from the Activate Change Drivers leadership course in 2016 and holds frequent panel discussions and talks on gender, womxn’s rights and sanitation in partnership with various stakeholders such as, Department of Water & Sanitation and various schools both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Kim is currently part of a fellowship with the United Nations through the organisation OutRight Action International in New York City. In Kim’s ideal world, gender would be something that we could wear like clothing, accepting both feminine and masculine in our lives without enforcing any gender roles on anyone based on the sex they were assigned at birth.


C: +2771 612 8868

Kelly-Eve Koopman

Kelly- Eve Koopman is a community leader that uses her many disciplines to propel social change. A theatre graduate, she has worked in both the theatre and film industry and has used these creative skills to develop, implement and commandeer initiatives that drive social transformation.

Kelly is one of the directors of FEMMEPROJECTS, an NPO that facilitates workshops on female empowerment in rural communities throughout the Western Cape. Over the past three years their programme has serviced 4000 young womxn in 20 disenfranchised schools in the Western Cape.

She has also been part of the core team project managing the Western Province rollout for the National Phelophepa Healthcare Train project. She has a strong and nuanced understanding of the South African social landscape and has demonstrated a track record of respectfully and effectively partnering with government, corporate and communities toward social upliftment. A prime example of this is her experience in project leadership and script development with the Handspring Puppet Company (2015-2016) in their annual CSI initiative project , a mass community parade in partnership with a local NGO in Barrydale.

Kelly is also an actor, writer and director. She is currently writing and co-directing the feature documentary film Strandloper, with Sarah Summers and in partnership with Gambit Films. She was recently named one of Mail and Guardian’s 17 people to watch in 2017.


C: +2783 603 3152

Loren Loubser

Loren Loubser is a young womxn of colour brought up by her single mother. Loren had a challenging past and acted out in many ways, she then decided to use her bold voice to lead others positively. Loren became a youth leader, youth counsellor, began working with youth organisations, and volunteered her time to create social change since 2008.

Loren then went on to study a BA in Theatre and Performance and graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2012 and she currently works as an actress in theatre and film as well as often using her training within the NGO/NPC industry. Since graduating Loren has committed to help other youth that come from difficult circumstances to address their struggles and find ways to overcome them or ways to make it easier and excel in their potential. Loren is committed to facilitating social change in her community, she believes that if we can educate the youth in a non-judgmental and appropriate open manner, that they will be empowered to make positive choices in life.

Loren uses her theatre training combined with her drive to create awareness and social change for the identified youth in all factors of her work. Loren was a vital part of the team organising and managing the Phelophepa Health Care Train in the Western Cape in 2015-2016. Loren is currently a volunteering Public Relations Officer for an NGO Children A’loud based in Ocean View and has been working with the NGO since 2013. She helps with running career guidance programmes and fun ways to counsel and guide the youth within their annual youth life-skills camps, as well as ways to fundraise. Loren is one of the Co-Directors and Co-founders of FEMMEPROJECTS and feels this is where she excels in using all her strengths combined and is in a safe space to grow amongst a strong sisterhood.


C: +2784 321 3065